Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Crypto Winter

The prices of cryptocurrencies have continuously nosedived since their peak in early 2021. Only a few coins are trading at half their peak prices. This has led to many investors dumping their cryptocurrencies and crypto staking altogether. Even coins labeled the best cryptocurrency to invest in at the time have lost their allure.

Market analysts remain unsure how low crypto coins will sink or how long this nosedive will last. This has sparked fears of a crypto winter for an unspecified period.

People are asking these questions
⭐ What does crypto winter mean?

This is a tough period in crypto markets where many coins shrink their value and sometimes hit record lows. Many internal and external factors mainly influence this. Investors tend to go into panic mode selling their holdings which saturates supply. On the other hand, demand is often low, knocking down prices you can easily find the best cheap crypto to invest in without sweat.

⭐ What are the best altcoins to buy now?

Many altcoins look promising even though they’ve lost more than half their peak values. Still, Solana stands out among the top altcoins to invest in. Its value has remained steady in the last few months and holds the biggest growth promise.

⭐ Best new cryptocurrency to buy under a penny?

New crypto coins keep cropping up almost every day. However, due to the ongoing crypto winter, many new coins are worth less than a penny. REEF is a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in for less than a penny. The growth estimates for this coin are promising, and it could prove to be the best cryptocurrency to invest for long term.

⭐ Why is crypto going down?

There are many reasons why crypto coins are losing their value. Global inflation, proof of concept, and instances of security breaches are touted as some of the main contributing factors. Although they don’t cover the full spectrum of this crypto winter, they give a glimpse of what is ailing the markets.

⭐ Top 5 crypto to invest in long term?

When prices are down, it’s the best time to increase your share. The following are the best cryptos for long term investment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ripple, and Cardano. They may not be dirt cheap to acquire but can potentially bring handsome returns.

The major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been hard hit, and investors are staring at huge losses. Altcoins, including Dogecoin, Solana (read about Solana staking), and Cardano, haven’t been spared either.

Unfortunately, the question in every investor’s mind is not being met with a straightforward response. However, while others ask why crypto is going down, patient investors know that this is their time.

A cryptocurrency winter provides investors with rare opportunities to buy leading and altcoins at almost throw-away prices.

best cryptocurrency to buy under $1

In essence, if the winter is coming crypto, you can almost certainly find cheap cryptocurrency to invest in. This is a considerable risk, given there are no timelines for when your cryptocurrency will be on the rise again.

We’ll evaluate the winter crypto in this article and see the opportunities it holds.

What is Crypto Winter?

In the famous TV show Game of Thrones, the phrase “Winter is coming” preludes a devastating conflict in the land of Westeros. Likewise, a winter period in the cryptocurrency markets implies poor performance for an extended period. The crypto winter meaning seems to be inspired by this highly popular show.

During this period, investors are under a lot of mental pressure from underperforming coin holdings. Crypto markets are highly volatile, and it’s hard to predict future prices.

best crypto altcoins to buy right now

This makes it difficult to determine the best cryptocurrency to invest in. In the stock market, such a turbulent period is referred to as the bear market.

Some investors are looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy now. This won’t be the first winter crypto in the payment method’s short history. We’ve seen periods where crypto coins have dipped. This could be another market trend.

Why is Crypto Going Down?

Experts say the wider global economy has been going south for the better half of the year. Due to this, many fiat and cryptocurrencies are struggling to hold their value.

best cryptocurrency to invest in long term

Speculations of a looming recession are also believed to play a vital role in the tanking prices of crypto. This also impacted how the best cryptocurrency to invest in is fairing.

Let’s count the possible reasons why crypto is going down.

The Proof of Concept Query

The validity of cryptocurrencies is still a significant concern, even after being around for over a decade. Many people don’t believe that crypto coins have real-life value or are hesitant to embrace them. This is mainly because people don’t always understand how cryptocurrencies work.

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The rise of blockchain technology in 2017 helped boost the legitimacy of crypto coins, and some industries openly embraced crypto payments. However, many “mainstream” sectors hesitate to jump on this wagon. This reinforces the belief that crypto coins have no real-world value among doubters.

You can’t tell people the best cryptocurrency to invest their money in if they don’t understand it.

Global Inflation

The beginning of 2022 has been very rough. The rapidly rising inflation has taken a toll on many people resulting in a reduced interest in the markets. Even in traditional money markets, the toll of inflation can be seen by the sudden jump in liquidity and investors failing to meet expected returns.

best new crypto coins long term investment

This has prompted governments to step in and raise the base interest rates. This move by many central banks, along with cutting the money already in supply, has made investors nervous, making the markets tumble.

The ripple effect has made even the top crypto coin to invest in too volatile. People are also not looking for prospective cheap coins to invest in, accelerating the downward spiral.

Security Breaches

Blockchain technology was primarily touted as hard to crack, making it the future of online transactions. Therefore, many of the best new coins were built on this platform, which boosted their value.

However, at the beginning of 2018, a major security breach on a popular altcoin, Monero, saw investors lose their holdings.

best new crypto to invest in now

This has raised concerns about the safety of crypto transaction platforms, making investors skeptical. What looked like a safe investment turned out to be a potential pitfall as Monero’s XMR token obfuscated and was difficult to track.

When does Crypto Winter Start?

We are now past “Winter is coming” and already feeling the biting cold. Many cryptocurrencies have lost more than half of their value compared to their prices at the beginning of the year.

For instance, Bitcoin, which has been seen as the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in, is currently down by 68%. It opened the year trading at $42,288.16 and is currently valued at less than $20,033.70.

cryptocurrency winter is coming crypto

This huge tumble has impacted even less popular altcoins, which have fallen below the penny. Nevertheless, dip investors are happy to find promising cheap cryptocurrency to invest in. Many hope that they’ll reap the rewards when cryptos winter is finally over.

It’s hard to tell when the crypto coins will be on the ascendency again as the last winter crypto lasted almost two years between January 2018 and December 2022.

We must brace ourselves for the worst even as we look for the best crypto to invest in long term.

good cheap crypto to buy

Use your Advantage in Crypto Winter

A downturn in the crypto market doesn’t have to spell misfortune for your holdings. You can brave the cold and find the best crypto to invest in now.

In the previous cryptocurrency winter, top cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin lost up to 75% of their value by the end of 2018. However, in 2020 and 2021, crypto was up again, reaching new heights.

Following this occurrence, experts believe it’s time to look for the best cryptos for long term investment. You don’t have to stick to the popular coins.

Considering the best new coins is also a smart move. Hard-hit crypto coins that have fallen below the penny mark may be the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in. Their value is likely to skyrocket when the market stabilizes.

most profitable cryptocurrency to invest

The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest for Long Term

As the markets sail through this turbulent period, sound investment advice says it’s time to look for the best cryptocurrency to invest your money in.

Many people are releasing their coins, so it’s relatively easy to find good cheap crypto to buy. There are many options available when you look for cheap cryptocurrency to invest in.

Not to worry, we’ve taken the initiative and have come up with the top 5 crypto to invest in.

next crypto winter meaning


Bitcoin is the best crypto to buy now. It’s the oldest and arguably the most famous coin. Unfortunately, this hasn’t shielded it from the cold and has taken a 68% tumble from its peak price in 2021. Nevertheless, it remains the most valuable coin in terms of market capitalization.

Bitcoin is also less volatile than other coins earning itself a top spot in the list of the best cryptocurrency to invest long term.

Price predictions foretell a bright future for Bitcoin, with many analysts expecting it to reach a new high of $73,200.03 after the slump.

best cryptos for long term investment

You can also fraction Bitcoin into smaller units. This enables you to hold a piece of a major cryptocurrency within your budget. If you’re new to the crypto world or are hesitant to go deep, you can have a share of the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in.


Between 2016 and 2022, Ethereum has shot up in the list of top altcoins to invest in. Its steady rise is primarily attributed to its string blockchain technology.

Many of the best crypto to invest now are derived from this blockchain technology. Meme coins and Metaverse projects are also seeking inspiration from Ethereum’s platform cementing its place among the best cryptos for long term investment.

best crypto to invest for long term

If you are ready this best altcoin to buy right now despite the prevailing circumstances and potential risks, then you’ve found the best cheap cryptocurrency to invest in.

Analysts predict that Ethereum has the potential to be the leading cryptocurrency in the long term. If you have Ethereum coins, you should hold your investment and consider buying more.


You may not have to wait for the next crypto winter to afford cryptocurrencies, as some have fallen below the $1 mark. Ripple recently joined this list.

Some analysts pose Ripple as the best cryptocurrency to buy under $1. However, you may want to weigh your options, as the market is full of good cheap cryptocurrency to buy.

best cryptocurrency to invest for long term

This coin is a bit different from other cryptocurrencies. That’s because Ripple runs on an open-source platform that facilitates digital payments on a ledger distributed database.

This cryptocurrency is centralized, and its consensus and verification don’t require multiple confirmations. When making payments using Ripple, you’ll hardly be asked for proof of work.

This makes it more user-friendly, so its chances of catching on to wider audiences grow. Because of this, analysts place it highly among the best new coins.


Cardano is a fast-growing crypto coin based on a secure and sustainable blockchain platform. As it continues to grow its ecosystem, this coin has attracted a lot of investor attention. Read more about Cardano staking.

best cheap crypto to invest in now

Cardano is the best crypto to invest in if you’re looking for a cheap buy. Its increasing popularity even in the cryptocurrencies winter promises good fortunes.

Cardano is a third-generation cryptocurrency that seeks to enable smart blockchain contracts and ensure quality control in the crypto supply market. This adaptability marks it as a top cryptocurrency to buy now. It’s also a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in under the current conditions.

The price of a single Cardano unit has fallen below $1. You can buy a significant chunk of this coin at these prices without bleeding your pockets.


Solana is an open-source blockchain believed to have the fastest transaction speeds. Solana’s platform can process up to 2,700 transactions in a second, greatly aiding the decentralization of finance.

best altcoin to buy right now

This platform has made it one of the hottest crypto tokens and it’s also ranked among the best crypto to invest long term because of its speed.

Solana should be a top prospect when looking for the best crypto to buy right now. After its launch in April 2020, you could buy Solana for less than $1. It later hit its peak in 2021, trading at $253.65.

With the ongoing market crash, Solana is currently selling at $39.03. Although it has lost nearly three-quarters of its peak value, it remains among the best new cryptocurrency to invest in.

Solana has made inroads in the NFT space as it holds several popular NFT marketplaces, including Metaplex, Solanart, and Magic Eden. NFTs are poised to go big in the coming years, which could solidify Solana as the best cryptocurrency to invest in long term for stability.

top 5 crypto to invest in now

Top 3 Cryptos Under a Penny to Buy Now

If you missed a chance to hop on the crypto wagon in its early stages, you might have a hard time finding the best cryptocurrency to invest within your budget.

The most popular coins have risen beyond most people’s affordability range. This shouldn’t worry you, nonetheless. Blockchain and open-source crypto networks keep growing, and new coins keep popping up daily.

You don’t have to wait for the next crypto winter to buy coins for less than a penny. We’ll list the best new crypto to invest in with a penny to get you in the market.

top penny cryptocurrency to buy now


Reliable, Extensible, Efficient, and Fast blockchain, abbreviated as REEF, is a DeFi and NFT cryptocurrency.

This coin is mirrored on Ethereum’s Virtual Machine-Compatible smart chain to handle smart contacts. You directly import the existing applications from Ethereum to REEF without changing the solidity code.

Most importantly, REEF has a low market capitalization of $64,342,449.24, and is currently trading at $0.0042 per coin. We consider it among the best crypto to invest for long term as it’s cheap to buy and likely to grow its value steadily and achieve a market value of $0.028 by 2025.

top altcoins cheap cryptocurrency to invest in

REEF uses AI technology to offer decentralization and support community-driven governance. You have a say in a proposal to change the operating parameters, new technology, and chain changes as a REEF holder. Openness and investors’ input make it the best new cryptocurrency to buy.

UFO Gaming

The rapid expansion in cryptocurrencies has brought forth specialized coins. UFO Gaming is a decentralized blockchain platform that combines DeFi, the Metaverse, and NFTs for gaming. This has resulted in games such as Super Galactic, an arcade game that features native NFT collections.

On the investment front, UFO Gaming is a fantastic find if you’re looking for the top crypto to invest in now for gamers. You can get several units with a penny as this coin is trading for $0.0000011.

best cryptocurrency to buy for long term

Buying this coin should be a long term investment plan as it’s expected to continue trading for less than a penny for at least five years.

If you are a gamer, you should definitely look into UFO Gaming as the best cryptocurrency to buy for long term value. You have to HODL to realize good returns on your investment.


Verasity is a native cryptocurrency that supports esports events and live video streams. This coin is a token on the Verasity platform that users can earn by joining and winning events.

the best new cryptocurrency to invest in

This coin hopes to solve the problem of proof of view. In the long run, the Verasity platform aims to get rid of advert viewing bots so brands can track their actual engagement.

Currently, a Verasity unit is valued at $0.005274. This prevents it from joining the list of top cryptos to invest in. Nevertheless, esports and video streaming have seen accelerated growth recently, making Verasity a top penny cryptocurrency for its long-term potential.


Tough periods in financial markets aren’t uncommon, especially with global rising inflation costs and other prevailing circumstances that can cause panic. Similar to bear stock markets, cryptocurrencies can also hit a rough patch.

why crypto is going down

The sure thing is that the cryptocurrency winter will eventually weather out as it has happened in the past. A patient investor sees this as an opportunity and takes advantage of the low prices.

Building the best crypto long term investment can be beneficial both to newbies and seasoned investors.