Crypto Investment Strategies 2024

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular investment nowadays, and having a mix of one or two in an investor’s portfolio is common practice given the various crypto investment strategies available, including exploring the most promising cryptocurrencies.

For crypto investment apps and exchanges to become mainstream, it took approximately ten years. Until then, investing in any form of digital currency was a fairly challenging undertaking.

People are asking these questions
❓ What is the best Crypto investment strategy for beginners?

Some of the best types of Crypto investments include:

  • Long-term investing
  • DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)
  • Value investing
❓What is the difference between short term and long term investments?

The difference between short-term and long-term investments lies in the time horizon and approach. Short-term investments involve trading and taking advantage of price fluctuations for quick profits, while long-term investments focus on holding assets over a more extended period, with the expectation of significant returns based on the asset’s potential growth and development.

❓ What is DCA meaning in crypto?

Dollar Cost Averaging crypto refers to the practice of regularly investing a fixed amount of money into cryptocurrencies, regardless of their current market price. This strategy aims to reduce the impact of short-term volatility and potentially benefit from long-term growth in the crypto market.

❓ How to evaluate Crypto projects?

During the evaluation process, various factors are considered, including the project’s technology, the team supporting it, the roadmap, adoption rate, and market demand.

❓ What is value investing in Crypto?

Value investing in crypto involves identifying undervalued cryptocurrencies based on fundamental factors and potential growth, rather than short-term price movements. Investors use this strategy to select assets they believe are trading below their intrinsic value and hold them for the long term, expecting their value to rise as adoption and recognition increase in the market.

But currently, any investor, whether experienced or newbie, can do this quickly and easily at their fingertips on mobile devices, even during a Crypto recession. Prior to starting your cryptocurrency investment journey, it’s crucial to consider the digital currency volatility and landscape.

However, by picking the right crypto investment strategy and following it strictly, nothing can stop you from achieving your main goal. With that in mind, let’s learn more about investing in crypto and the best strategies you can take advantage of.

Crypto Investment Strategies

Investing in crypto is a challenge, as it seems to defy any rules and strategies that apply to other markets. The crypto market’s technical nature and volatility overwhelm investors.

As a result, it isn’t without reason that popular companies and investors are starting to apportion a significant part of their portfolios to digital currencies.

While the cryptocurrency market may be challenging to predict, it has proven to be enticing to millions of individuals globally. Wondering how you can invest in cryptocurrencies and ensure you aren’t left burning?

There is no need to worry since you can utilize these Crypto investment tips and follow the following strategies to maximize your investment. Read through these three expert-proven strategies to learn more.

Short Term vs Long Term Investing

Which way should you take? Short term or the long term? History has indicated that long-term investment has delivered unbelievable returns – basically the legends’ stuff.


On the other hand, a closer look at the market prices during the same period indicates that multiple cryptocurrency bare marketplaces in that interim almost wiped out the initial capital several times. Remember, not everyone can manage that.

In these situations, short-term crypto investing proves to be useful. It allows investors to get out before the crypto market hits lows so they don’t undergo many notional losses on their books.

Since one cannot time the market perfectly, it’s possible to miss out on significant chunks of some of the biggest bull runs ever created.

Both long-term and short-term strategies work for different types of investors. Each is a different stroke for a different folk!

⚫️ Long-Term Crypto Investing: In long-term crypto investing, investors acquire cryptocurrency assets to hold on to them for a long period, which can be a year or more. HOLDLing is a term used for long-term crypto investment. Since it involves a longer-term horizon, investors must understand what their digital assets can do in the future, how reliable and honest the development crew is and how huge their visions are. If these three work out excellently, the investment will undoubtedly lead to significant returns.

⚫️ Short-Term Crypto Investing: Short-term crypto investing is basically trading. Investors are only in the crypto market to take chances on the digital assets prices and earn profits from price differentials. Investors enter the crypto market at a particular time and price, believing that it’ll move on the positive side. If it moves on the positive side, investors earn a profit. They’re also ready to take losses if the market moves in the opposite direction. Short-term investment usually involves a higher number of transactions, exiting and entering the market anytime opportunities present themselves.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)

In order to lessen the volatility impact on the overall purchase, crypto investors take advantage of the Dollar-Cost Averaging investment strategy. This strategy allows investors to spread out the initial amount they want to invest among several purchases of target assets.

So what is dollar-cost averaging (DCA), and how does it work in crypto? The DCA strategy in crypto involves investing in increments at regular intervals.

It minimises volatility impact by averaging the digital asset price. Dollar-Cost Averaging eliminates the burden of trying to time the crypto market.


The DCA strategy allows investors to invest small amounts of crypto assets over time. That means they can stem any losses and maximise their capital.

It’s worth keeping in mind that by using this technique, investors pay a little more regarding network fees. However, any profits they make should render this insignificant.

Investors could do this monthly or weekly – the details are in the hands of every investor. When using this strategy and feel that the market will favour you, you can keep aside some additional capital for when the crypto market seems to be low.

Value Investing

Investors can use the value investing strategy in the cryptocurrency market. As an investor, you can scour the cryptocurrency market for digital assets you believe are undervalued and acquire while still underpriced.

In crypto, you can evaluate a coin’s value using different metrics. After that, you can look for opportunities to utilise in the actual world.

When evaluating a coin’s value, you need to consider different aspects like:

⚫️ The number of unique users it has

⚫️ The underlying blockchain network scalability

⚫️ The credentials of the crew behind it

⚫️ The blockchain network

⚫️ Adoption

⚫️ Competitive landscape

⚫️ Community engagement

⚫️ Tokenomics

⚫️ Real-life use cases

How to Evaluate Crypto Projects and Diversified Portfolio

When it comes to evaluating crypto projects, you need to consider several key aspects prior to deciding whether to invest in them. The main aim is to discover whether a given token is undervalued or overvalued compared to its “real” value.

The evaluation process involves looking at different factors, such as:

⚫️ The project’s technology

⚫️ The team behind the project

⚫️ The roadmap

⚫️ Adoption rate

⚫️ Market demand

Understanding these aspects helps you to find the project’s long-term viability. Also, it helps you know whether you should buy or sell a digital asset if it’s overvalued.

It’s vital to understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Digital coins and assets may experience huge price sways before sentiments match the nitty-gritties.

Once you evaluate different crypto projects and you decide to invest, you need to diversify your portfolio.


Diversifying your portfolio enables you to invest your digital funds in different crypto projects to minimise risk in case one or several of them perform poorly.

With crypto portfolio diversification, you can achieve the highest possible returns even when some items in your portfolio underperform.

Experienced investors know that putting all their eggs in a single basket is risky. A small-scale investor needs to invest in two or three digital assets. But two or three crypto projects won’t suffice if you’re after a sizable portfolio. You can diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio based on:

⚫️ Industry

⚫️ Geography

⚫️ Type and use cases

⚫️ Analytical approach, and timing

Rise of Cryptocurrencies – Understanding Blockchain

Since 2009 when the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was established, digital assets have exploded in popularity. They’re currently collectively worth more than £1 trillion.

Before you can start investing, you need to understand blockchain technology and research to discover the best crypto projects.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency or asset secured by cryptography. The cryptography technology makes it nearly impossible to double-spend or counterfeit.

Many digital assets are decentralised networks based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology utilises a distributed ledger that a disparate network of computers enforces.

If you want to research and compare different crypto projects, you need to:

⚫️ Check the cryptocurrencies’ official websites

⚫️ Visit their social media pages

⚫️ Read crypto projects’ white papers

⚫️ Learn the stages of each project

⚫️ Analyse crypto project teams and partnerships

⚫️ Study their respective price histories

Investing in the world of cryptocurrencies can seem daunting. It’s a novel space that doesn’t seem to adhere to many rules and strategies.

While the down-trending and volatility periods can significantly test your patience, sticking to your investment strategy/strategies can enable you to build long-term wealth.

If you apply any of these strategies while using common sense, you’ll discover that the cryptocurrency market isn’t as overwhelming as you thought. If you’re planning to start your crypto investment journey in the near future, it’s advisable to do it analytically and not depending on intuitions.