10 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

solaBlockchain technology is well-known for backing digital currencies. However, many things have come to life since its introduction. Among them are play to earn crypto games that entertain and pay at the same time (read this – what is crypto staking).

P2E crypto games have become popular amongst online game enthusiasts. These games are enjoyed by many as players have to complete quests, breed their in-game players, and complete other gameplay tasks.

People are asking these questions
⭐ Can you get Bitcoin by playing games?

Yes, once you earn some of the native crypto tokens of the P2E titles, you can exchange them for Bitcoin.

⭐ What are the best free play to earn crypto games in 2022?

Since there are different genres available for different players, it depends on your preferences. However, its popularity makes Axie Infinity one of the best pay to earn crypto games.

⭐ Which earn to play crypto games are free?

There are many free play to earn crypto games 2023. They include Thetan Arena, Mobox, and Alien Worlds, to name a few.

⭐ Which cryptocurrencies can you earn by playing games?

You can collect NFTs and earn some of the P2E native coins. Most of these games operate on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana blockchain, so you can easily obtain the ETH, BNB, and SOL cryptocurrencies.

⭐ Why should I play games that pay cryptocurrency?

They’re fun and engaging, and you can accumulate your crypto funds when playing.

Players earn great crypto rewards when completing these tasks, which they can later use for real-world purchases or investments.

Have you been playing P2E games that lack gameplay features that are satisfyingly entertaining for you? Or are they not as rewarding as advertised? Then this review is for you.

We’ve listed some of the top play to earn crypto games for you to choose from. If this is your first time hearing about these games, then we have a detailed description of how playing crypto games to make money works (read this – top crypto staking rewards).

top best play to earn crypto games

You’ll also come across the benefits of playing P2E games, how to find reliable websites offering these games, and the types of P2E games available. Hopefully, our Q&As will answer some of the more specific questions you may have about these blockchain-backed games.

What Are Cryptocurrency Earning Games?

Crypto games play to earn are online games that are powered by the blockchain. When they play game earn cryptocurrency, users earn rewards with real money value. These rewards are earned when gameplay tasks such as winning battles with other players and unlocking new levels are completed.

Since these are best blockchain games to make money, the earnings are in the form of digital currencies. You can be rewarded with crypto tokens, skins, weapons, virtual land, and NFTs. If you like, you can sell or exchange your earned assets for real money.

games that pay cryptocurrency earning games

Most play to earn games come with native cryptocurrencies to be earned. For instance, if it’s a GameFi game, you’re most likely to earn ETH tokens. GameFi is a game developer specializing in play to earn crypto gaming and is powered by the Ethereum network (read this – how to stake Ethereum).

There are some free crypto earning games. However, the premium ones require a certain amount of investment to access them. It’s important to know that some games don’t have the high-definition you’d get in the more traditional games.

PlayStation and Xbox titles have had years of development, and some of their latest versions have great visuals. This may not be the case with some P2E games you’ll encounter.

Nonetheless, unlike the more traditional games, with P2P, you don’t win without earning real rewards.

best blockchain crypto games to make money

You have to buy traditional games with large sums of money, which you won’t get back after spending time solving some of the tricky tasks required to move on to the next level. Once the game is completed, you can only replay the games until you get tired of doing the same tasks.

However, with P2E, there are even free to play crypto games. If you love online games and are interested in cryptocurrency but are afraid of spending your hard-earned money on it, this can be a good way to try it out. Freeplay to earn games crypto mean you don’t have to pay a penny from your pockets.

How to Find a Reliable P2E Crypto Site?

Trying new things can be exciting and scary, as crime is everywhere. If you try earn to play crypto games, someone else may be trying to earn by stealing from you.

Scammers can create fake play to earn blockchain sites to steal from users. We care about your safety, especially if you’re new to the world of P2E. Here are some tips on what to look for to find a reliable crypto site.

best play to earn blockchain games crypto

Below are some do’s and don’ts to look for when searching legit play to earn games or sites.

First, you need to conduct thorough research via an official and trustworthy website. The availability of YouTube videos of the P2E game doesn’t guarantee the site’s legitimacy. Check what the auditors say about the backing and funding of the game.

Also, check reviews from players who’ve played the earn to play crypto games you’re interested in. If you heard about P2E from someone close, it would help to get their views on what you’ve decided before spending your money on it.

Secondly, games that promise quick returns are a no-go. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Quick returns on investments might mean kissing your money goodbye in the blink of an eye.

free play to earn crypto games 2022

Thirdly, make sure you join a site whose game developers are transparent. If not, it means they probably have something to hide, which isn’t a good sign. Developers have to be backed by reliable third-party investors. This way, if they don’t deliver what they’ve promised, they have something to lose.

Fourthly, the best games to earn crypto prioritize development and stability more than profits. P2Es, like Axie Infinity, focus on ensuring players stay entertained with its features.

Finally, make sure you invest in a trustworthy P2E site. Don’t ignore the red flags. Find a game you’ll enjoy, so you can enjoy great rewards for your time and skills in completing tasks.

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

There are various earn to play games crypto that are considered to be the best. Below, you’ll find our review of the top 10 play to earn crypto games list.

earn to play crypto games crypto

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the leading marketplaces among the play games earn crypto. It has gained the title of the first crypto play to earn game to reach around $1 billion returns. The fact that this game has a play to earn crypto games iOS or Android app makes it even more convenient.

As a result, it has become one of the highest paying crypto games in the entire blockchain market. This title has also acquired more players, thus becoming one of the most famous crypto games.

Axie Infinity is owned by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese company that created this Pokemon-inspired game. It’s the first crypto play game to operate through the Ethereum blockchain. There are two cryptocurrency tokens you can earn while playing the game.

The main one is Axie Infinity Token (AXS), which you start earning once you’ve reached the game’s leaderboard. The other one is Smooth Love Potion (SLP). It’s acquired by winning arena matches and completing adventure mode levels.

crypto games to earn money win crypto

When you have two Axies, breeding another one becomes possible. An Axie represents an NFT. They all have unique body parts that determine their skills and how unique they are. The more unique or rare an Axie is, the higher its value.

Their prices range from around $100 and $1,000, and some have been even sold for a much higher price. This is because their rare features don’t match any other Axie. Although this is a play to earn game, crypto enthusiasts who collect NFTs, like Axies, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Sandbox

Are you a creative person who’d like to show off some skills without pressure and earn some crypto while you’re at it? The Sandbox is one of the play to game earn crypto that’ll allow you to do so. It was initially built as an open game powered by Ethereum.

However, due to low speed, high carbon footprint, and fees, it switched to Polygon Layer 2.In this title, you play and earn crypto by playing games. That you do by participating in the organization of adventures in the game’s social center. You can design games and build up your own world.

crypto earning games that pay crypto

You can sell or rent out all the items you’ve created for profit. If you have successfully created your own game, you can charge other users to play it.

The most valuable investment in The Sandbox is virtual land as it represents an NFT. You can design and decorate your land to whatever destination you see fit, then rent it to others.

On the more creative side of things, if you like creating art, you can create some unique products to sell. When these items are bought, you’ll earn SAND tokens.

SAND tokens can be exchanged and used for real-world purchases. To earn more of them, you can take part in platform competitions and games. This title is accessible via mobile devices as an app and on a computer. This is one of the most exciting play to earn crypto mobile games.

best play mobile games to earn crypto


This is one of the most popular play to earn games. You can call this a virtual location built on the Ethereum blockchain, where not only ordinary game players found a home but also big brands.

In Decentraland, you’ll come across Samsung, DKNY, Skechers, Selfridges, and other brands that have built stores in this virtual world.

To make money, you must purchase MANA tokens or land represented by NFTs. If the price of the MANA tokens or the plot of land you’ve bought increases, you’ll earn profits. You can also invest in a piece of land rented by a certain business, like a casino. You’ll get a fair share of the money made.

Since the game is some sort of a depiction of real-life with players presented as avatars, you can even have a job and earn money through it.

game earn crypto while by playing games

For instance, in a casino, you can become the dealer, and your avatar will be able to interact with other avatars who’re visiting the casino. If your business idea isn’t working well in the real world, you can try it out at Decentraland and earn MANA tokens.

To participate, you need to have an Ethereum wallet in which you can purchase MANA tokens. With these tokens, you can purchase land on the platform and turn it into anything you like.

You can open an online store or build a game that other users can play. You can even earn money by keeping other players’ land safe while they’re away (offline).

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is the first game by MOBA Games to operate on a blockchain. The game can be played by a team of three players that fall into three different hero categories. These categories include an assassin, a tank, and a marksman.

games that to earn cryptocurrency crypto

You can be either of them, as each hero has different skills and rare abilities. Its different gameplay modes make it one of the greatest crypto games earn money. Modes include Battle Royale, Deathmatch, and Tower Siege.

Regarding crypto games, free to play crypto games titles like Thetan Arena aren’t stingy with token rewards as long as you complete the necessary tasks. Through the three characters that you get for free, you’ll have to get as many native coins as possible.

The Thetan Coin (THC) is required to unlock more advanced characters or heroes, which you also have the option to purchase in the marketplace directly.

earn crypto playing games play to earn

The advanced heroes are represented as NFTs. They evolve and get to participate in exclusive events. As you play game and earn cryptocurrency, you’ll also encounter the Thetan Gem (THG) token.

You can stake this utility and governance token to earn rewards. You can rent premium hero characters to move through modes and earn more rewards. If you’d like to use your THC tokens, you can exchange them on a cryptocurrency trading platform.


Mobox operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s one of those games to play to earn crypto, free to play for users, earning cryptocurrency.

This platform has a rising number of users. It’s constantly listed on the top 10 play to earn games crypto on DappRadar’s charts. Mobox is a relatively new game, released in April 2021.

free games to earn crypto

The platform has infrastructure used for yield farming DeFi, and games that earn you NFTs. You don’t have to spend any funds in this game. You’ll easily earn digital currency by participating and having fun.

It has three gaming types that revolve around the Mobox token. You can buy, sell, trade, and mine the ‘MOMO’ Mobox range of NFTs. The token unlocks bonus features and allows users to buy equipment that becomes part of their in-game assets.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the most innovative platforms to play games and earn crypto while playing games. It’s hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and offers players a daily chance to win a jackpot. Its jackpots are paid in LBLOCK, a native coin to D.

LBLOCK is a new coin that has recently started trading on exchanges. The 12% tax charged on its sales goes straight to the jackpot prize pool. In May of 2022, the prize pool was worth over $2 million. This can easily be one of the highest-paying crypto games.

games that you can earn crypto

To participate and try your luck in this lucky draw game, you have to purchase a ticket worth no more than $5. However, the payment has to be made in LBLOCK tokens. To purchase LBLOCK tokens, you must first purchase Binance Coin (BNB) and convert it to LBLOCK.

Lucky Block abides by the prevailing law and selects winners randomly through the Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) service.

This can be one of your free games to earn crypto if you connect your wallet to its platform. You’ll get free daily tickets when your wallet is connected to the Lucky Block game platform. This way, you stand a chance of winning the daily prize draw without spending a penny of your money.

best crypto play to earn games

Other than the daily draws, Lucky Block offers great P2E features. These include various raffles for digital and physical items, a games gallery, and a separate daily prize draw for Lucky Block NFT holders.

The daily prize draw for the native coin investors happens simultaneously as the main draw. This means that these investors, including the platform users, stand two chances of winning daily.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is unique compared to the other earn cryptocurrency playing games you’ll encounter. Its setting is in the distant future and depicts what life will be like in 2620. The uniqueness of its storyline is as unique as how players get to play it. It allows a secure gaming experience that’s almost completely serverless.

This astronomy-based crypto game is backed by Solana blockchain technology (read this – Solana staking). The two tokens used on the platform are the utility token ATLAS and the governance token POLIS. You earn POLIS when you stake your ATLAS tokens.

games to play to earn crypto android

To earn ATLAS tokens, you must participate in the game by trading a planet, star, and other NFT items. When traveling at warp speed, you’ll discover new worlds of the galaxy. The game has three main groups: humans, robots, and alien species.

These groups are competing for resources and alliances. If you lose a fight with another player, your spaceship, which is worth some tokens as it represents an NFT, is destroyed forever. Also, moving to new galaxy worlds makes the game harder, and you’re greatly rewarded if you survive.


Sorare is a fantasy football game that operates through the Ethereum blockchain. It’s one of the best play to earn crypto games supported by top-notch investors such as Ubisoft. Over 130 football clubs also trust this title.

Famous players like Antoine Griezmann and Gerard Pique are investors in the game. These players come from the top football clubs in the world — the former plays for Atlético Madrid as a striker, and the latter as an FC Barcelona defender. To put the cherry on top, Serena Williams became Sorare’s official ambassador at the beginning of 2022.

mobile play to earn crypto games ios

You can build your team of players from Argentina, the US, Mexico, and many other countries and clubs to play the game. Your squad should consist of a goalkeeper, an attacker, a midfielder, a defender, and one other player. Since the game features two weekly rounds, a strong team of players must be assembled before the next round.

NFTs are represented by digital cards which you can buy, collect, and exchange. When you sell these cards, you’ll earn ETH tokens. Winning the bi-weekly tournaments is another way to earn hefty tokens.

You don’t have to be the ultimate winner of the tournaments. You get your fair share of ETH coins if you have shown great skills and played successfully. Of course, the points you’ve gained while playing determine the number of tokens you’ll earn.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a Sci-Fi virtual reality title in which users get three types of mining equipment they can use to create planets. It’s operated on the Ethereum blockchain, BSC, and WAX.

best crypto game to earn money

In this game, cryptocurrency is represented by the minerals you mine with your equipment. The crypto you earn from this is called Trilium (TLM).

This is one of those free to earn crypto games in which you have to finish certain tasks before you get started with the game. So, here you need to collect enough Alien Coins to purchase your first planet.

These coins need to amount to 0.005 ETH to meet this goal. Once you’re in, all you’re required to do is mine to earn TLM.

free to play and earn crypto games

You can also mine crystals or claim the daily 100 free to earn more. Other tasks include:

  • Mining TLM tokens
  • Competing against other Alien World explorers
  • Profiting from your virtual real estate

The journey to owning virtual real estate begins when you purchase a land pack. The Alien Worlds land pack earns commission from the minute you buy it.

Other players can mine your land and give you a share of the profits. The game consists of six Alien Worlds with 500 plots of land each. So there’s plenty of space to buy and earn from. The TLM tokens earned can be exchanged for ETH or BTC so that you can make online or real-world purchases.

crypto games to earn free to play

Zed Run

Zed Run is a digital horse racing game where horses are represented as NFTs. You can buy, sell, and trade them with other players in the game. You can also upgrade your horse to make it stronger and fit for the races. Plus, it’s possible to breed a new horse and earn by betting on other players.

You can earn crypto with games by playing and racing with other users. The horses’ strengths and weaknesses can help you see which horses to race and which to bet on to earn crypto. Zed Run doesn’t have a native coin just yet. Therefore, earnings are paid in ETH since it operates through the Ethereum network.

The platform is, however, in the process of launching its digital currency. Users are already holding Zed Run NFTs. Once the token is launched, they’ll receive them via airdrop. While waiting, players receive their earnings in ETH and can trade or use them to make purchases.

play to earn crypto mobile games free

Types of Play to Earn Blockchain Games

Though NFTs became popular in 2021, they’re already available in different genres. As you may have noticed in the descriptions of the above-listed cryptocurrency earning games, they fall under different categories.

One that may be satisfyingly enjoyable to you might not be for the next person. Finding best crypto games to make money as a new player can be easier when you know the types of games you’ll find.

Card Games That Pay Cryptocurrency

If you’re into casino table games such as poker, this can be a great genre for you to earn crypto playing games. Card games are generally for players who like to develop strategies and skills to ensure they make a good move.

That’s how you play card games to win crypto. You must be strategic, as some card games that pay crypto to give you an option to sell your cards.

play games and earn crypto with games

For instance, the Sorare P2E game allows users to sell cards of well-known footballers representing NFTs. Then an example of a P2E game that traditional card-game fans can relate to is Gods Unchained. This game requires users to build strong decks that’ll help beat their opponents.

Real Estate Games That Earn Crypto

If you’re interested in living in an imaginary world that mirrors reality, you can try real estate games to earn crypto. These games allow you to buy a piece of virtual land that you can turn into almost anything that’ll bring in more crypto earnings for you.

In some, as soon as you own land, you’re paid for it through commissions. You can do many other real-life activities in these virtual reality games. You can open an online store, work for an existing store, or create art items and sell them.

Examples of these types of crypto play to earn games include The Sandbox and Decentraland.

free crypto top earning crypto games

Racing Games That Earn Cryptocurrency

Crypto games to earn money don’t have limitations as they’ve entered the exclusive world of horse racing. Zed Run is a great example of games you can earn crypto by owning a healthy and strong horse.

You have to keep your horse healthy and strong by upgrading it so that it scores you great points when racing. Also, an upgraded horse will earn you a hefty amount when you decide to sell. You can even breed more horses if you’re an NFT collector.

Adventure Crypto Games That Pay

Adventure games that can earn crypto sometimes take real-world experiences or a new imaginary virtual world. NFTs would then be items like costumes, upgrades, or superpowers, depending on what the game is about.

An example would be Alien Worlds, where players explore different worlds in space. You also have to hunt for Alien Coins that’ll get you upgrades, buy things in the marketplace, or exchange for real money.

best pay to earn crypto games

Move to Earn Apps

Move to earn apps is a new trend in the P2E world. Who’d have thought you’d earn some crypto through real-life movements? For instance, there’s a STEPN app that you can download like you usually do with mobile games to earn crypto.

However, the difference with this mobile play to earn crypto games is it connects to your GPS and is made for runners. If you like to go for a jog in the morning or evening, you can score some digital currency. The more you jog, the more tokens you earn.

Also, the game’s requirement is to buy sneakers when you eventually have enough tokens. The sneakers represent an NFT, so this is a great game for fitness enthusiasts who want to collect NFTs.

play game and earn cryptocurrency playing games

Benefits of Crypto Earning Games

In crypto games, play to earn is a given, but is there more? Have real fun, play crypto games, earn money, and spend it on whatever you like.

Those are the benefits of choosing and playing the best crypto game to earn money. Some of the top earning crypto games can be played for free. Unlike traditional digital games, earn crypto games are made to ensure that the player is fully entertained.

Moreover, these games seem to believe that gaming requires a certain set of skills, and those who master it deserve to earn some cryptocurrency for it. Thus, you get to play games, earn crypto, and show off the skills you’re good at doing.

p2e play to earn crypto games list

You can even use some of the real estate games to try out some ideas you have before implementing them in real life.

On top of all the fun and earnings, you get to own NFTs. If you’ve been interested but are skeptical about using your money to become a part of the crypto world, you can use P2E games to earn cryptocurrency.

Then you’ll finally know how it feels to own crypto assets and navigate crypto wallets and exchanges to turn them into real money.


We hope you’ve found your best play to earn games crypto; crypto funds can be easily stored in your wallet once you’re in your chosen gaming platform. Playing crypto games to earn money is a relatively new concept that has introduced new ideas in online gaming.

highest paying crypto play to earn games

Play to earn crypto games free hasn’t always been possible. The free mode of traditional digital games would be repeating the same easy tasks that’ll eventually lure you into the real game, which you must pay for. However, when you play games to earn crypto, you get to earn digital currency tokens whether in crypto games free to play or paid.

These aren’t just boring games that you endure for the sake of earning money. They have excellent themes and graphics. They’re also available in different genres to accommodate different players. This way, you can choose your best crypto play to earn games amongst many other games to play to earn crypto Android, iOS or on PC.